Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista was one of 27 athletes, and the only MLB player, selected for this year’s ESPN’s The Magazine Body Issue. Bautista apparently had no fear baring it all for the photo shoot.

In the article, Bautista talks about is off season training, his challenges with his body, and what workout he can’t live without, his CrossFit exercises.

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  1. pfft, he’s not naked, he’s still wearing his beard

  2. Well…I guess I know what my girlfriend is doing while I’m in class tonight.

  3. I’m semi excited right now.

  4. Fat lazy ball player should lay off the cheeseburgers.

  5. Further evidence that Jose Bautista is on Steroids. I asked the question and that my friends is the answer

  6. Where is his Jays Cap…hanging from…

  7. Where’s Prince Fielder or Nick Mangold in that ‘Body Issue’?

    Body fascism.

  8. If you look at this pic and still think he on steroids, you’re a fucking idiot.

  9. How can a dude who can grow full beard in 8 minutes be hairless?

  10. Dude loves his laser hair!

  11. whoever thinks jose bautista is on steroids is fucking stupid…. what you don’t know is that bautista was tested 16 times in the year he hit 54 home runs.. the averarge for a ball player to be tested a year is 4.. so obviously he’s not on anything, just a very good ball player

    • thats one side of the argument

      the other is, whoever thinks steroids takes a 16 hr hitter to a 50 hr hitter is a fucking tool

      its not a magical needle that gives you strength, agility and the ability to see which pitch is coming where.

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