Personally, I don’t care much for the artificial drama that tends to come out of reality shows. When I heard that the Miami Marlins would be the focus of this year’s The Franchise, I figured it was only a matter of time until Hanley Ramirez ended up in front of a confession camera informing all of us that he doesn’t play baseball to make friends.

However, this exchange between manager Ozzie Guillen and no longer closer Heath Bell is absolutely outstanding, even if it was most likely prodded by show producers. At one point, Guillen tells Bell:

Every-motherfucking-body who is a Marlins fan, they don’t want you on the mound in the ninth. The owner, the General Manager, the fucking supervisor, the scouts, my wife, my kids, nobody want you out there in the ninth inning. I wouldn’t take you out of that fucking closer role a long time ago because they were all over my ass to do it. I said, “No, no. He is my closer.” I’m the only one who believes in you.

And somehow this came across as encouraging. Ozzie being Ozzie, I guess. Of course since this exchange, the Marlins have again announced that they will be going to a closer by committee, with Bell once again struggling.

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  1. The only reason Guillen was hired by the Marlins was for the reality show. He is a horrible manager – not surprised that even with the large amount of talent they have, they are struggling

    • What makes him a horrible manager? I think he’s quite good at managing bullpens. Also, it’s rather difficult to pin the team’s struggles on him.

      • Yeah I like Guillen as a Manager, he done a fantastic job with the White Sox and I wouldn’t be suprised if the Marlins won the NL East.

  2. exactly how good a manager is guillen? can anyone tell me the accumulated wins above replacement of his world series winning team and compare that to the other accumulated wars of playoff bound teams in that year and of other ws winning teams in that era? that, to me, is one good way of starting to assess his value as a manager.

    also, kudos to the dude who transcribed ozzie’s side of the exchange. i’ve never heard him actually speak before – it’s been all quotes – and it’s comparable to listening to jean chretien.

  3. I’ve always liked Ozzie, I cant see any other manager using his bullpen less than the 1 inning they pitched in the 05 ALCS against the Angels.

  4. “Waaaahhh… we should sign Heath Bell!!!! We need a PROVEN closer!!!11!! How could we not sign Heath Bell?!?!?!1!?!”
    said every whining fucking casual fan, columnist, and radio host this winter

  5. I love Ozzie. When he talks, everyone else shuts the fuck up and listens…because they know it’s gonna be gold.

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