Here’s one more dose of first half GIFfer madness for the Getting Blanked faithful. I stand by a statement from earlier this season that crazy eyes Max Scherzer is the greatest contribution I’ll ever make to the baseball blogosphere.

Hey! We even have an exception today, which happens to be a clip from the greatest Part II ever made.

No hands home run!

Always wear your belt to the ballpark

Heavy winds blow in San Francisco

Yu’ve been Darvished, Howie Kendrick

Carlos Quentin is the bat-flip king

Will Ohman would like to remind you to use your head

Chris Perez pukes after a save

Here, kitty kitty Austin Kearns

The inexplicable leg kick

This is why nobody likes a Yankees fan

This probably hurt, but that air swimming is LOLZ!

The exception of the first half

Comments (6)

  1. Holy geez, that Villanueva leg kick is HI-larious.

  2. best exception EVER! my favourite scene in any Rambo movie

  3. I can’t stop watching that Darvish pitch.

    • Like, how do you even do that? He could have thrown it at the American Red Cross logo and it would have broken over the plate for a strike

  4. Classic!!!Keep it up for the second half, these are sick!

  5. It’s Friday and I need my weekly instalment of GIF’s!!

    They really are amazing.

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