I'll be back next week. Don't tell anyone.

Was it really the All-Star Game already? Time flies when you’re gathering quotes.

This week we have Chipper Jones’ low expectations, Robinson Cano’s low opinions and Scott Kazmir’s low career prospects.

I signed with the Kansas City A’s in 1962 and to think that the last time I’m going to put on a uniform is going to be in Kansas City is just an unbelievable coincidence.

Starting the bets now. Tony La Russa will invalidate this quote when he returns to baseball in ____ years. My pick is two.

He’s really, really pumped up about pitching again. You don’t always get a second chance, and I think him two years of not pitching and then getting a little taste of it, I think is going to be good.

My weekly moment of non-cynicism that Parkes will inevitably ruin is care of Fredi Gonzalez. I have a weird obsession for seeing once great pitchers come back from injury, probably shaped by watching that episode of Sports Night where Dan Rydell shares my obsession but, because of that, I wish nothing but the best for Ben Sheets. Go forth and own the National League, Ben Sheets. I believe in you.

One of this year’s biggest bats is all but officially off the trade market.

This is the opening sentence from Jon Paul Morosi’s article about Edwin Encarnacion signing a 3 year extension. Please explain to me how there’s even a fraction of a chance he’s still on the trade block after this signing. Jon Paul Morosi – even if there’s no story, you can be damn well sure he’ll make one on his own.

We’re a better ballclub than we showed out there. We’re doing everything we can to get better but the results are very bad. Very, very bad.

I’m very confused and very sad to see a team like this go through this day in and day out with the same stuff. It’s hard to watch. but you can’t do much about it.

Ozzie has apparently calmed down since last week. I don’t doubt for a minute that Ozzie doesn’t know what’s happening in Miami. There’s no way he could have expected a team like the Marlins to struggle. Oh, wait…

They were yelling stuff to my family, which I don’t see (as) the right thing. This is a game. We’re All-Stars. If I get booed, I don’t really care. But stuff with your family, that’s crossing the line.

Totally agree with Robinson Cano here. I’m probably not doing this non-story any favours by talking about it and keeping it alive but, come on now, boo the man, don’t boo his family. Who do you think you are, Kansas City? Jays’ fans?

Yeah, I was thinking beat it out all the way. At 40 years old, legging out a hit in the All-Star Game. That’s exactly how I scripted it.

Glad to see Chipper Jones has such low expectations for his final year in the majors. Should end well for him. If legging out a single in the all-star game is what he’s scripted for himself, there’s really nowhere to go but up.

Scott Kazmir signs with Sugar Land Skeeters

I’m cheating here but, God…if this isn’t the most depressing headline of the week, I really don’t know what is.

It’s a common surgery, a lot of people have done it and come back quickly. We’re hopeful that will happen with Giancarlo.

I think baseball fans everywhere are on Marlins’ GM Mike Hill’s side here. Come back soon, Giancarlo. Our world is so much less fun without you in it.