According to ESPN, the Phillies are planning a substantial offer to keep pending free agent Cole Hamels in Philadelphia long-term. The same can be not be said for the Brewers and Zack Greinke, who don’t seem to be getting any closer on a deal that would keep the All-Star in Milwaukee for a very long time.

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin spoke with Tom Haudicourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and admitted he’s not optimistic about a deal.

“When players get this close (to free agency), there’s not many that will sign, at that level. He’s a difference-maker to a team that’s got a chance to go to the postseason. Unless you’re raising the bar, you usually go on the market.”

A difference maker, that he is, especially in terms of numbers he puts up when pitching at home. Greinke is 15-0 all-time at Miller Park with a 2.68 ERA. He holds opponents to a .216 average and in 23 appearances, has only allowed 12 home runs. Parkes broke down more of Greinke’s success at home here.

The Brewers have seen this type of pitching perfection at home before when they acquired CC Sabathia from the Cleveland Indians in July of 2008. Sabathia ended up going 6-0 at home that season, with a 1.78 ERA. That off season, they failed to keep the lefty, as he ended up leaving for the Yankees, and $161 million.

The Brewers know that Greinke is heading down that same street.

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  1. This news makes me happy. Assuming he is a free agent and the Jay’s sign him of course. Otherwise stay in the NL please!

  2. I have a feeling that given his anxiety issues in the past he may not want the limelight of NY. My guess is that he stays in the NL or finds himself a home with Chicago (AL) or Detroit in the offseason. I have heard that he would rather not pitch in the AL bEAST

  3. the brewers are going down the hill fast. the exodus began with fielder

  4. So, if the Brewers can’t re-sign him, does that mean they’re going to pitch him every 3 days and burn him the fuck out like they tried to do to Sabbathia?

  5. Give him whatever he wants, whatever it takes, to get him to Toronto. Then start planning the parades for the next 5 years.

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