Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista left tonight’s 6-3 loss to the New York Yankees in the seventh inning, grimacing and clutching his already taped up left wrist after fouling off a 2-0 offering from reliever David Robertson. Video replay showed that the pain occurred during his swing’s follow-through, causing Bautista to drop his bat and make that scrunchy face that means you just stuffed like eight tear jerkers in your mouth, or you’re in a shit-ton of pain.

Before we go leaping and bounding to conclusions like Dr. Paul O’Neil of the YES Network, whose diagnosis, presumably based on years of experience as a general practitioner, was a broken hamate bone, we should remember that a year ago (almost to the day) against the Yankees, Bautista had an outlandish reaction to an awkward slide into third base and only missed a few days. That’s not to suggest that Bautista is some sort of Johnny Drama, just a recommendation that we wait for the details before imagining the worst case scenario playing out.

Earlier in the game, Bautista scored the team’s second run on an Edwin Encarnacion double. He appeared to hit his left hand hard against the plate on his scoring slide and then give a slight look of distaste before heading to the dugout with a bit more ginger to his stride than normal.


And now, there’s also this: