Well look at that, they still make this show! The Getting Blanked show returns after an All Star hiatus and marks the half-century milestone by welcoming back prodigal son Dustin Parkes for some conversation on misbehaving managers, Ben Sheets blast from the past, and, um, Ichiro! We trust you didn’t miss us too badly.

Listen as we talk reckless about very successful people with the audio-only version of the show tight to your chest via this MP3 link or stream it below. You can also subscribe to The Getting Blanked Podcast on iTunes, to have the podcast, live stream MP3s and other life-changing materials delivered straight to your computer each week via the RSS feed here. Don’t forget to hook up the Youtube channel right here.

Comments (5)

  1. Djf pod coming soon?

  2. I want Ichiro! to stick around.

    He is only 3 seasons away from 3000 hits!

  3. Hey fellas,

    Why is Craig Kimbrel so good? What’s his fucking deal? Who does he think he is, pitching like that?

  4. Good to have you guys back!

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