This. Is. Just. Dumb.

This is Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton. He’s fast. He’s so fast that he ran around the bases on an inside the park home run in 13.8 seconds.

Bases are 90 feet apart. Running 360 feet in 13.8 seconds would be remarkable on its own, but he did this while turning three times. And he was running on dirt. This is so stupid.

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  1. When was the last time you saw someone score STANDING UP on an inside the park homer?

  2. Catch that fucking ball!

  3. I wonder how fast he could do the 100 metres sprint. His time in that could be Olympic.

    • Home to home is a little under 110 meters, I’d say he’s about 2 seconds off an Olympic pace.

    • He’s really fast. But I always laugh when people wonder if so-and-so from baseball or football could be an Olympic sprinter.

      I would guess that Hamilton did high school track and could probably run a sub-11 second 100m. But so can hundreds of kids. they’re all really fast. The difference between a really fast dude who can play baseball well, and an Olympic caliber sprinter is enormous.

  4. Halfway to second before the ball even landed. DAT SPEED!

  5. That’s amazing. I did the math and 360 feet=108 metres. However, because he wasn’t stopping on dimes and making perfect right angle turns, he actually ran further than that. Lets assume that he ran about 114 metres (2 metres/turn). A medal-contending world-class 100m sprinter will do the 100 in about 10 seconds. That extends out to 11.4 seconds if we assume that he runs about the same speed in the extra 14 metres. So he’s only 2.4 seconds slower than a world class sprinter running a straight line when he’s running around a dirt and grass covered diamond with 3 turns, bases he has got step on, and while wearing less sprint-appropriate attire (e.g., a helmet, baseball shoes versus sprinting cleats, a baseball uni versus a sprint uni).

    That’ll play.

    • Oh, and also, rather than beginning in sprinter’s starting blocks, he began upright after having just swung a baseball bat, had to change directions to face the baseline, while running he had to adjust his helmet at least once, and he slowed down at the end.

    • Incredible. Good stuff.

    • Also, he slipped on the Grass rounding 3rd

    • I’m probably going to sound like a broken record here, but please stop comparing Billy Hamilton to world class sprinters.

      Billy Hamilton is really fast. If trained specifically for sprinting (i.e. quit baseball) he would be faster, but in all likely hood, not world class. There are lots of really fast dudes in the world but Hamilton happens to be pretty good at baseball too.

      10s in the 100m doesn’t sniff medal contention any more. World class sprinters would beat Hamilton by at least a second in the 100m, which is an eternity.

  6. Am I missing something? Why is this stupid? I think it’s awesome!

  7. What’s REALLY stupid is that he could probably do it half a second faster… maybe more. That was a little herky-jerky and he still got around the bases faster than I could run to second.

  8. I am guessing that was Hamilton’s agent playing right field. When he makes it to a league that can actually catch the ball he will no doubt post some of the most impressive times to first ever seen running out lazy flay balls.

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