Bautista To DL, Gose To MLB

As expected, the Toronto Blue Jays placed right fielder Jose Bautista on the 15 day Disabled List with left wrist inflammation and have called up outfield prospect Anthony Gose from Triple A Las Vegas to take his spot on the active roster.

The best hitter in the Blue Jays lineup suffered the injury in the eighth inning of last night’s loss to the New York Yankees, when Bautista fell to the ground clutching his wrist after following though on a foul ball. While an x-ray came back negative, his reaction coupled with claims that he felt something pop led the team to anticipate a visit to the DL. Gose, was pulled early from his Pacific Coast League game last night shortly after the incident.

Starting Gose’s Major League service time clock is a curious decision by the Blue Jays, especially considering that both Travis Snider and Eric Thames represent valid replacement options. In fact, earlier this season General Manager Alex Anthopoulos admitted that the organization did Snider no favours by calling him up as a 20 year old and rushing his development. Gose will now be making his Major League debut at the age of 21.

To make room on the 40 man roster, the Blue Jays have moved pitcher Brandon Morrow to the 60 day DL.

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  1. Calling up Gose makes no sense…seem to be making the same mistakes that they made with Snider.

  2. When I saw this I immediately thought AA is trying to showcase Gose. Other GMs are probably hesitant to acquire Gose because he has Vegas/PCL inflated AAA numbers. Maybe AA is banking on Gose getting a hot streak, and some GM who ignores sample sizes to bite?

  3. I’m excited to see what Gose can do, I just don’t understand why you’d start his clock now when Snider is there. #FreeSnider is going to get a lot of traction if Gose struggles.

    • Why not start Gose? Snider came back from an injury and hasn’t been hitting well. We don’t have options for Snider either. If and when we do bring up Snider, it will be for good. Bautista is on the 15 day DL and hopefully not out for months. If Snider isn’t up, he’s most likely a moveable piece.

      • I question how ‘moveable’ Snider is right now in that his value is really low until such time that he can string together some quality ML at-bats

    • *When gose struggles, not if, Id be shocked if he ops more then 600 in his stint up.

      • A rookie struggling? Gasp! May he forever be in the minors. Also, small sample size.

        On another note, you have a lot of grammatical errors tercet. Stay in school, all-year round.

  4. Davidi just suggested Gose was part of the Halladay trade, what a twat.

    He was traded for a player that wasn’t even part of the initial deal, i see what he’s trying to do but it’s erroneous.

    • It is not really erroneous.

      AA wanted Gose, but the Phillies wouldn’t include him in the deal. The Blue Jays took Taylor and immediately traded him for Wallace, who was traded for Gose 7 months later. I think it is fair to say that Gose is part of the package of players that the Blue Jays received for Halladay

      • So one day when Michael Taylor gets traded for let’s say….Billy Hamilton, Hamilton is now part of the Halladay trade?

        I don’t care if AA wanted Gose, he was not part of the Halladay trade, Wallace barely counts.

  5. Rasmus and Gose in the OF! no need for Davis to be out there too.

  6. I believe Gose would be Rule 5 Draft eligible in this upcoming offseason, thus it is a totally fair point in time to call him up and start the clock. That is, if the Jays brass believe he is a better option than the three minor league outfielders already in AAA and on the 40 man roster. Either way, Gose was going to be on the 40 man roster in 2 months with his clock and options clicking.

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