Josh Harrison Does What He Does Best - Play the Infield

Playing the outfield is hard, no doubt. Playing the outfield in Colorado, where the balls carry like nothing else, must be that much harder.

If you, like Josh Harrison of the Pittsburgh Pirates, are asked to play right field when your team travels to Coors Field, you are up against it. Josh Harrison, you see, is listed as a shortstop at ESPN and a third baseman at Fangraphs. Neither of those positions sound like right field to me. Harrison has exactly 79.2 innings of big league experience in the outfield.

When Eric Young ripped a double to right field last night, Josh Harrison did his very best to track it down. Sadly, his “very best” is something of Family Circus route of epic proportions. To the GIF machine!

This poor bastard, zigzagging his way through the cool damp Rockie Mountain air. Slightly comical as this outfield misadventure might be, any lulz directed Harrison’s way seem misguided. He shouldn’t be out there in any capacity. If only there was a young right fielder on the market who might solve all the Pirates woes…