The Los Angeles Angels will have a big roster decision to make in the coming weeks, as outfielder Vernon Wells is expected to begin a rehab assignment as early as Friday.

Wells, who was injured while attempting to steal second base in mid-May against the Padres, underwent surgery on his right thumb and was expected to miss eight to ten weeks. This season, Wells had appeared in 38 games for the Angels, 34 as their left fielder. He had a slash line of .244/.282/.422 with only six home runs.

When he returns, the Angels may be forced to keep him on the bench. Since the injury, Mark Trumbo has appeared in left field on a consistent basis, with Mike Trout in center and Torii Hunter in right. Kendrys Morales is the full-time DH while Peter Bourjos has only 135 at bats in a backup outfielder role.

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  1. Who goes down if/when he comes up?

  2. Also, I’m not sure what’s worse; releasing him and eating all that salary, or wasting a roster spot on him.

    • They are eating the salary whether he is on the roster or not. At least if they release him it is addition by subtraction.

  3. Glad he hasn’t been released or healthy yet or he could be batting fourth in this Jays lineup right now.

  4. If he gets released…bring him back to Toronto*.

    * to play for the Raptors.

    • +1 to Coatesy. I liked your style.

      Toronto Teams: Jays > Raps > Leafs > > > Argos (CFL is the worst league ever created) > TFC

      • Easy there tough guy…ever watched CFL? Yes the Argo’s suck ass, but the CFL is a good league.

        It’s a quality product if you know what your watching.

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