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Google is a pretty great tool for finding, sorting, and classifying information. The engineers at Google use their elaborate algorithms to put this information at our fingertips while simultaneously using it to lord over us before they eventually create armies of nanobots to control our every waking thought.

Before that Doomsday scenario comes to fruition, anyone savvy in the search engine optimization (SEO) dark arts can tweak things to suit their own agenda. For example, were you an embittered Yankees fan who never really got over Cliff Lee spurning a chance to play for the Bronx Bombers, you could (hypothetically!) push a photoshop of Cliff Lee wearing Yankees colors to the top of the Cliff Lee search heap, ensuring Google’s new “default image” grabs your carefully ‘shopped creation.

And then we’d all Google “Cliff Lee” and have a good laugh and move on with our day. Which is what is happening. Right now. Go ahead. Just open a new tab in Chrome and type “cliff lee” and then press enter. What? You don’t use Chrome? INTERNET EXPLORER? What, Netscape keeps crashing on you?

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  1. It doesn’t work for me. Sad face.

  2. Me neither. Doesn’t come up in image searches either.

  3. I stopped using Netscape a long time ago.

  4. Got it when I turned search to just Images, but then it was only on page 3. Google is everywhere, no doubt fixed the results before you could even publish the post.

  5. I seen’d it. In Chrome.

  6. nice post …..thank you

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