Last night, Andrew McCutchen hit a home run. He is swinging a ridiculous stick right now, leading the Pirates to within a game of the NL Central lead. He is great. Andrew McCutchen hitting a home run isn’t out of the ordinary, the man has six home runs in his last six games. To say he is hot is to undersell McCutchen’s current influence over the Bucs’ fortunes.

The home run McCutchen hit last night was somewhat special. It happened at Coors Field in Colorado, coming off a hanging something-or-other from Rockies pitcher Christian Friedrich. It went a long, long way.

A tape measure shots like that one elicit all manner of reactions. Fans gasp, teammates leap off the bench and gape at prodigious blasts. Hitters stand and stare with pride as their handiwork disappears from view.

Broadcasters are a different animal. They must filter their reactions based on who might see or hear them. Hometown announcers increasingly serve as glorified cheerleaders for the local nine, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and suffering right alongside the viewers at home.

It makes for an interesting contrast: the ecstasy and agony played out in broadcast booths mere feet away. When Andrew McCutchen hit his home run last night, it sent the Pirates crew jumping for joy while, initially, the Rockies team spoke in hushed tones as though a relative recently died.

A transcript of the home run call(s), for your perusal, lies below.