I’m somewhat hesitant to share the results of today’s competitive balance lottery because I know that once the excitement of this process is brought to your attention, no other joy in your life will compare. After reaching these peaks of interest, all other things will be boring. So, if you’re willing to allow your life to be nothing more than a dull series of subsequent anticlimactic events, read on.

If not, look away, or click elsewhere.

Earlier today, we looked at the Competitive Balance Lottery, coming to the conclusion that it’s probably a good idea in theory, but in practice, likely needs to do a better job at defining teams in need of a competitive boost such as a bonus draft pick. After all, those benefiting by inclusion in the extra draft rounds include four playoff teams from last season, including the World Series Champions, a team that just moved into a new stadium and made multiple splashes on the free agent market this past off season, as well as the team with the fifth highest payroll in all of baseball.

Here are the results.

Round A, which follows the first round and supplemental compensation round:

1)   Kansas City Royals

2)   Pittsburgh Pirates

3)   Arizona Diamondbacks

4)   Baltimore Orioles

5)   Cincinnati Reds

6)   Miami Marlins

Round B, which follows the second round:

1)   San Diego Padres

2)   Cleveland Indians

3)   Colorado Rockies

4)   Oakland Athletics

5)   Milwaukee Brewers

6)   Detroit Tigers

Indeed. The Kansas City Royals have won something. Sort of.

As we mentioned this morning, these picks can be traded by the team that was lucky enough to land them. Sadly, the St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays were the only two teams included in the lottery that weren’t lucky enough to land a pick. However, several of these teams that did receive a bonus draft slot might try to use their pick to trade for a rental player down the stretch.

At least that’s the hope.