The state of Arizona is unique in the union for its aggressive legislature and firm positions on many contentious issues. The desert climate can be unforgiving and many provisions are in place to protect workers from the often brutal conditions.

Brutal conditions like being asked to play baseball on 23 consecutive days without a break, which is just the situation facing the Arizona Diamondbacks in the coming weeks. The original version of the Snakes schedule called for them to play 23 three days without an off-day, which runs counter to the collective bargaining agreement.

Odd that the players association, league, and Diamondbacks themselves agreed to the schedule long before the season began. Not exactly rigorous in their detail and fact-checking, I guess.

To keep the poor D-Backs from playing 53 games in 55 days, the first scheduled doubleheader in a domed stadium since 2007. It is a day/night jobby because, c’mon. They are in the business of giving stuff away for free, here. You will re-enter the ballpark and pay for the privilege of watching Jason Kubel twice in one day, friends.