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  1. Absolutely love this.

  2. great article guys

  3. This is fantastic.

  4. Any chance you (or anyone else) would have the colors for the Montreal Expos? Somewhere along the way, I acquired a large but very faded plywood Expo logo and one of the things on my “when I retire” list is to restore it with the proper colors.

    • Red, Blue, White.

    • Found something for you. According to a spreadsheet detailing the official colors from all the MLB teams in 2002, the Montreal Expos colors are:

      Pantone 287
      C-100 M-69 Y-0 K-11.5
      R-12 G-44 B-129
      Hex Code 0C2C81

      Pantone 185
      C-0 M-91 Y-76 K-0
      R-252 G-25 B-33
      Hex Code FC1921

      I hope that helps – I know it’s from 2002, but it’s the best I could find. The complete list is here:

      • That’s awesome. I remember getting a lot of color descriptions when I last searched but could never find the actual Pantone numbers. Thank you very much.

  5. Well described baseball league in color combinations…

  6. Any chance there’s a resource floating around that has these Pantone colours listed by team? I love this infographic, but chasing the lines around is a bit of a pain—not really what it’s intended for, I don’t think.

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