Luke Scott – Freedom Fighter

Luke Scott is a bit of a weird duck among baseball players. Not that he has somewhat extreme political views and skews “armed militia” when asked his opinion, but that he is willing to acknowledge and discuss this personal outlook.

While he was once a feared designated hitter, the 2012 season has been more difficult on Scott’s well-being than a Socialist Muslim from Kenya serving as his beloved nation’s Commander in Chief. Scott spent time on the disabled list in June with a stiff back and returned to put together an ignoble hitting streak, going 0-36 with a single, solitary walk on either side of his DL stint.

Scott broke out just ahead of the All Star break, picking up five hits in a three game series against the Indians in Cleveland. After the break, however, his struggles returned.

Luke Scott went hitless in a weekend series against the Red Sox but came back with seven hits against, um, Cleveland this week. Clearly, Luke Scott has it out for the Cleveland Racist Nicknames.

As a proud American, Luke Scott refuses to sit idly by and watch the proud history of indigenous peoples in North America desecrated by a racist caricature. Luke Scott strikes a blow for the greater good with every double he laces into the Jacobs Field gaps.

Or…he’s just played against Cleveland a lot lately. The Tribe’s recent infatuation with ground ball pitches bodes well for Scott, who handles this type of pitcher quite well for his career. Or he’s striking a blow for oppressed people the world over. One of those two things.