While horrific injuries, like the one suffered by Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants, that arise from collisions at the plate, they remain very rare. Which doesn’t prevent much wailing and calls for rule changes to protect the unsuspecting catchers of the world should an unlikely injury take place. These calls get louder and louder with each subsequent injury.

There is another side to this debate, however. Some of these men, cloaked in the Tools of Ignorance, can handle themselves quite nicely. Here is Diamondbacks recent draft pick Stryker Trahan (pronounced, no joke, Traw-HAW) taking a hit at the plate in an Arizona League Rookie ball game. I think we can all agree TRAWHAW comes out ahead in this collision with some poor Mariners prospect.

Hat tip to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic

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  1. Well with a name like Stryker Trahan you’d expect him to be kinda bad ass. Sounds like a GI Joe. I think the real moral of the story is don’t mess with guys named Stryker.

  2. You can thank whoever made that throw for giving him time and position to get set.

    Not sure what the solution is though. Little league must slide rule? Softball funny line and run behind the plate rule? Neither scream professional baseball.

  3. Dude got Blow’d Up

  4. Just once, I wanna see a catcher run over the player coming around trying to score….just lay him out, NFL-style, preferably without even having the ball yet.

  5. Great now I’m going to be unexpectedly knocking people on their asses and screaming Traw-HAW! all day in the office.

    I will mention this site at my bail hearing.

  6. f**nn hilarious, funniest video I’ve seen all week. I was expecting the runner to drop back to the ground when he was getting back up. Don’t try to hit the catcher if you can’t take a hit back.

  7. I thought I was watching football there for a minute. Helmets flying off and everything. Did hid feet come off the ground during that hit? Yall gotta watch Australian runner Michelle Jenneke dance before her run. great video.

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