Through nine innings last night, the San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves were tied 1-1, with both teams earning their lone score on solo home runs – one from Braves third baseman Juan Francisco and one from Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera. It was exciting baseball, reminiscent of the tension the two teams offered fans back in the 2010 National League Divsion Series, in which all four games were decided by a single run. Of course, San Francisco won that series and went on to win the World Series.

Although it’s not quite to the same scale, a similar result occurred last night. However, instead of the tightly pitched contest extending into extra frames, both offenses exploded (or bullpens imploded if you’re a glass half empty kind of person) for eleven runs and four more home runs (including one off the bat of substitute shortstop Brandon Crawford (!)) with the Giants coming out on top 9-4 after eleven innings.

But that’s not what’s important. And neither is the fact that San Francisco has won five games in a row, while the Braves find themselves falling further behind the Washington Nationals in the NL East. What’s important about last night’s entertaining game is that Chipper Jones is upset. More specifically, Chipper Jones is upset with Melky Cabrera.

That’s Melky, and that’s why he’s not here anymore. He got a little happy when I think [Gregor] Blanco hit the home run. That won’t be forgotten.

The Braves third baseman, who came into last night’s game as a pinch hitter and stayed in to replace Juan Francisco, hit a home run in a desperate attempt at a comeback in the eleventh, but more importantly, committed two errors that both led to runs being scored earlier in the game.

Surprisingly, Jones wasn’t complaining about Cabrera insulting the food at Hooters or by suggesting that the city of Atlanta’s biggest export was drug crime. He was most likely complaining about this:

But he might as well have been complaining about this:

Or even this:

It’s true. Melky Cabrera likely doesn’t have the fondest of memories when it comes to his time as a member of the Atlanta Braves back in 2010. And while the crotch chop you see above isn’t all that rare, it’s unlike Cabrera to taunt fans with it at the end of a game or to tease the crowds by pretending to throw them baseballs, as he reportedly did last night.

With Tim Hudson taking the mound for the Braves in the series finale, it’s possible that Cabrera may receive pitches with more intent than the high and inside fastball he got last night from Eric O’Flaherty in the eight inning that took him to the ground in avoidance. Or maybe old man Chipper was especially crotchety because of his two errors, or because the already delayed game went into extra innings and didn’t finish until after midnight which is well past his bedtime.

Anyway, Cabrera is having the best season of his career, one year removed from the previous best season of his career. He can be forgiven to a degree for wanting to let the Braves know they made a mistake in non-tendering him at the end of 2010. And he did a sufficient job of jogging their memories last night, or really any night of the season so far, without gesturing with his genitalia or teasing fans.

As the Bible says in Proverbs 25:

If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.

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  1. LMAO! Chipper Jones is a jerk.

  2. You really think his behavior was acceptable because he’s had the best two seasons of his career back-to-back? I think you need to do a little more research before you go saying something like that. Fact: Melky didn’t commit himself to the game of baseball until the last two seasons. So while you piss on Atlanta, take pot-shots at the Braves, and send unnecessary snark towards a legend who has given everything to Major League Baseball others will realize that Cabrera was essentially collecting paychecks in this game until he saw it fit to get his lazy a** in shape.

    • Perhaps you can console yourself with lunch at Hooters. Just keep your interactions with the servers to the flirtatious level please. I wouldn’t want you to pull a Chipper.

      • Classless Giants fans keep on lining up! Great old crack you make on Chipper from a mistake he made over 15 years ago. Classy. Have you been paying attention to the respect he’s received from opposing players and fans this year. Do you ever expect Melky to receive any treatment like this? Didn’t think so. Shut your trap before you ruin your teams decent fan base reputation.

  3. get him next year, Chipper. oh, wait –

  4. Melky was fat, out of shape, and generally terrible when he was with the Braves. Not sure why he would be mad at the Braves org or their fans. If anything it should be the other way around. Funny thing is that if they hadn’t non-tendered him after 2010, he probably would have continued to be a 4th outfielder instead of an All Star in 2012… I’d say everything has worked out quite well for Melky.

  5. The third video isn’t of him taunting a fan it’s from him holding a runner (I think it was Heyward) on 2nd. He caught the ball and was seeing if the runner would tag from 2nd to 3rd. Sure there was a taunt but not to a fan it was to the runner daring him to try out his arm.

    • Watch the first game, he caught a deep ball in the 2nd or 3rd inning and cross chopped the fans. I thought at the time I was mistaken…then this story pops up. Very poor sportsmanship.

  6. Triple H and Shaun Michaels should be upset at this copycat!

  7. Don’t worry, Melky has been tossed team to team for the past 4 years. He will be with another one next year. he sucks.

  8. Regardless of Melky’s current season, which is remarkable, or his history with the Braves organization, I think the point is that a gratuitous action like this is regrettable and unsportsmanlike. There’s a line between fist-pumping/high-fiving and an action that’s focused on the crotch and has a sports history of being associated with the phrase “Suck it” in reference to one’s crotch. Imagine you have an eleven year old child who does this during a game, they’re going to be severely reprimanded by their coach, their league, and hopefully their parents. If children know not to commit such an action, shouldn’t we hold an adult to a similar standard?
    Also, to say that Melky has reason to hate the Braves and their organization seems rather blase. Yes, he’s having a great season with the Giants and that’s incredible for him, but he himself has openly admitted to not being in to the game when he was in Atlanta–he showed up to training camp 30+ pounds heavier, and not with muscle but with fat, that year than he did to the Giants camp this year. It’s great to see what a talent he can be when focused, but again, having him admit to being lazy and just cashing the checks is a pretty abhorrent bit of behavior.
    In short, celebrate him for his numbers and production this season, but do not use those an excuse to forgive childish, immature, and downright impolite behavior either of today or of a time past, or else what sort of example are you setting for ballplayers to follow him? If he were batting .240/.300/.400 would we excuse this behavior? Does having an MVP-like season function as an excuse for behavior not related to his on-field performance?

  9. You Giants fans are pathetic! Claiming to be classy fans, yet justify Melky’s antics because he’s having a great season. I don’t think you’d be defending him as much if he was having a poor or ordinary season. Says a lot about you as fans, and it’s nothing good. Cracking on Chipper is the icing on the cake! Have you noticed the respect he’s received from other teams and fans around the league this year? The man is a legend! Will Melky ever receive any kind of treatment like this at any time in his career? NO, and I’d bet my life on it!

  10. And Dustin Parkes, you’re an idiot! Go ahead and love your boy Melky and crack on the first ballot HOF’er legend Chipper! Nothing else to say, your idiotic words say enough about you.

  11. Please, can’t all the players show no emotion whatsoever so as not to upset their thin-skinned opponents who whine about poor sportsmanship, someone’s lack of professionalism and being “shown up”. Let’s make everyone behave exactly the same, with no more emotion shown during games than what you’d find on the faces of accountants busy at work. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  12. Melky was a joke with the Braves last year…it seems whenever I watched them, he either struck out or hit a weak pop fly. He was NOT in shape…that was clear…and certainly didn’t give the game what he should have. His actions in the captions above show the lack of class he truly has for himself and the game. Unlike Chipper, who has given everything he has to the game as well as to the Braves. We’ll see which was make it to the Hall of Fame….no contest!

  13. Deep down I think Chipper is having a rough time knowing he’s on his way out and is a bit envious of the young Cabrera and the career season he’s having. (For the record, I’m not a fan of baseball players showboating. That Texas claw, the Milwaukee “beast”, admiring your own home runs, whatever, all lame…) It’s not the NBA.

    But jeez, it’s not like Melky is a threat to match that rousing pre-game all star speech that Chipper the dipper delivered. (Now that was lame. Not to mention indicative of how much Chipper is feeling his age, and how much it hurts him that his days on the field are numbered.)

  14. Melky Cabrera is like school on Sunday, no class. Two years ago when he played for Atlanta, he couldn’t get his fat butt around the bases without getting winded. He’s finally having a great year after 11 years of mediocrity and he acts like he’s been leading the majors his whole career. Actually that’s incorrect. Guys who have been leading the league approach the game and its fans with respect. The DX sign wasn’t his only jerk move of the game. He tried to bait Jason Heyward into going for 3rd on a fly ball out by taunting him. Then in the very next inning Cabrera drops a “can o corn” fly ball that hit him right in the glove. That certainly must have brought a smile to every big leaguer watching who’s been humbled by the “Baseball Gods”

  15. Cabrera didn’t jog the Braves’ memories. Unless you mean the memory of dashed hopes for a newly acquired outfielder.

    Atlanta’s collective memory includes only recollections of a fat slob who rewarded the signing of his checks by hitting .255 with four big homers. His defensive play was as bad (do yourself a favor and YouTube some of his Knoblauch-like throwing events).

    He’s got no reason to hold a grudge against Atlanta. And if he thinks it’s appropriate to invite the Braves to suck his dick, then his character really is everything Braves fans liked to imagine it was following that season where he repeatedly took giant metaphorical shits in the outfield for 147 games in 2010.

    Oh, and Chipper has earned the right to say whatever he wants.

  16. you guys sound like a bunch of old ladies oh he signaled to his crotch how innapropriate you want me tell his mother for you jeez stfu and try and remember your a man

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