We got all the balks, crotch chops, and pitfalls you need right here. It’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week.

We lead this instalment with Colorado Rockies’ speedster Eric Young running on air because the only other place I’ve ever seen this was in old episodes of Scooby-Doo.

Here’s the rest of the highlights and lowlights we’ve converted to Graphics Interchange Format for your viewing pleasure. RIP, your browser.

Balk of the week

Matt Kemp the best

Trevor Bauer’s stuff of the week

There can only be one

Scott Rolen magic of the week

Circus route of the week

Fully dimed effort of the week

Crotch chop of the week

The most accurate throw of the week

The exception of the week

Comments (9)

  1. How come Batman doesn’t dance anymore?

  2. Was the Nats player called out for leaving the baseline?

  3. Scott Rolen isn’t dead?

  4. No word on whether Melky Cabrera will be a part of the 1,000th episode of Raw.

  5. The Nationals player looked at the SS to see where he was setting up and ran to that spot to forve the break up…


  6. Gotta love to Bat-oo-see, or however the hell you’d spell it. That’s from the debut episode of 1960s Batman! An inauspicious start, to be sure.

  7. Can’t stop laughing at Peralta getting pelted.

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