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Rumors continue to swirl around the Milwaukee Brewers Zack Greinke as the trade deadline approaches. However it is not a foregone conclusion that he’ll be traded. Yesterday, Jon Heyman of CBSSports reported that the Brewers have offered him a five-year contract in excess of $100 million at some point in the last few weeks. Greinke himself later confirmed those reports. Despite the offer, however, it’s unlikely that he will re-sign.

It’s likely that the market for Greinke will start at six years and $127.5 million which is what0 Matt Cain received from the San Francisco Giants this spring. By almost every measure Greinke has been a better pitcher than Cain and in fact has been one of the most effective pitchers in baseball so far in 2012.

A lot has been made of the trade rumors involving Greinke and Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels; both are unquestionably elite pitchers, but for my money Greinke has been better.

According to almost every ERA estimator, Greinke ranks in the top three along with such elite arms as Stephen Strasburg, Chris Sale and Felix Hernandez. Much of the disparity between his fielding independent numbers and his ERA can be explained by the Brewers’ terrible infield defense. If he gets traded to a team with even average defense, his numbers should go from good to sublime.

I’m willing to bet that there is at least one team that’s willing to go over and above Cain’s contract to secure Greinke this winter. Whether or not the Brewers trade him it seems very likely that he’ll hit the open market. It makes sense for the Brewers therefore to trade him as soon as possible if they are unwilling to increase their offer. However teams may not overpay for him on the trade market simply because they can wait until the winter and just sign him without selling the farm in the process.

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Is anyone else surprised that the dictation program on my phone actually picked up “bullhonkey”?

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