So, This Is What That Looks Like

In his first plate appearance in a New York Yankees uniform, Ichiro (!) proceeded to slap a single up the middle, and then steal second base like it was eleven years ago.

When you think of particular baseball players, you always picture them in a certain jersey. I have no doubt that in my mind, Ichiro (!) will always be wearing a Seattle Mariners uniform. However, it must be said that he doesn’t look all that out of place wearing a jersey with “New York” written across it. Surprisingly, it seems to suit him.

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  1. they gave up zip to get him

  2. If this were 2007, the Yankees lineup would look like the AL all stars:
    RF Ichiro
    SS Jeter
    1B Tex
    3B A-Rod
    CF Andruw Jones
    LF Ibanez
    DH Swish
    2B Cano
    C Martin
    Bench- Granderson

    Talk about a super team…

  3. I hate this team viscerally.

  4. He must be very happy that now he will have a chance to play in the postseason and possibly win the world series. Baseball should have a salary cap cuz this is what happens when you don’t.

  5. Dammit, we won’t see Ichiro on “He’s not that good anymore” anytime soon. Don’t worry Fairservice, as soon as he becomes bad again, i’ll be trolling.

  6. Ichiro is all but done……. In the same token, if he only has to play 2-3 times a week, I think he could be a solid contributor for the Yanks…

  7. The only positive to take from this is that we will get to see Ichiro! at the SkyDome a lot more.

    It’s just too bad the Mariners sold his soul for a bag of balls and a hummer.

  8. Man o man. I never thought I’d see Ichiro anywhere else but Seattle…

  9. So weird not seeing Ichiro in a different uniform, but he actually looks good in with the Yankees. I hope he’ll be a good contributor to the Yankees, and hopefully he’ll get his 1st ring. Let’s go, Yankees!

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