The Wild Card makes for a odd bedfellows, as just about every single professional baseball team is within shouting distance of the playoffs. Everybody into the pool, we’re all having Rocktober parties! We talk standings, Carlo Quentin, Brett Myers and tip our hats to Ron Santo and Barry Larkin.

Then a different twist on He’s Just Not That Good Anymore: the Justin Smoak edition. Probably too young for this designation, Justin Smoak serves as a warning sign for any fan hoping their departing star nets a hot young prospect. Things happen, y’all.

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  1. I just listened to the Friday podcast and holy fuck, listening to you guys talk about prospects was truly offensive. I understand you have way too much on your plate to closely follow the prospects of one particular team, but why try to talk about something you have so little knowledge of?

    Its funny – around draft time you talked about how idiotic the people who overreact to draft selections are, because all their information is second hand and they really don’t know enough to form an independent opinion. You essentially did the same thing. Never. Again.

    • I mean, declaring Carlos Perez a non-major leaguer (or even major leaguer) based on that little tid-bit you read from Kevin Goldstein’s future shock piece? Or better yet, where he ranked on a prospect list? Please Fairservice, leave it to the professionals

  2. you tell ‘em shitbeard. shoulda heard these bums talkin about the boy’s swing.

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