As you might expect, the trade that sent Ichiro (!) Suzuki to the New York Yankees has not been without some ripple effects, most notably in terms of merchandise sales around the world. However, what might surprise you is that the increase in the number of Ichiro (!) jerseys being sold in Japan isn’t the result of his countrymen buying up new pinstripe versions of his uniform.

In the most Japanese thing ever recorded, Ichiro joining the Yankees has resulted in increased sales for his old jerseys. Yoko Masuda of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Gen Akiyama, head of the Japanese retail arm of Majestic, Major League Baseball’s official apparel manufacturer, said the store received 15 times the average number of daily orders for Ichiro’s Mariners jersey. Their stock has sold out, meaning those who still want an Ichiro emblazoned jersey will have to settle for one that comes with pinstripes.

Ichiro (!) jerseys that sport the Seattle Mariners logo can still be found online in the shop, but with additional shipping charges and additional taxes that are owed upon delivery, Japanese fans can be forgiven for wanting to buy locally.