Every year, Dave Cameron of FanGraphs publishes his list of the top 50 players with the most trade value in Major League Baseball. It’s a ranking of who would garner the largest returns through trades on the open market. That means it takes into account a number of factors including not only a player’s individual performance, but also his current cost to a club over the number of years that a team would control his rights.

Like most good rankings, Cameron’s list will inspire a healthy amount of conversation from the 50th ranked player through to the first (pictured above and revealed after the jump), so be sure to check it out.

Personally, my favourite thing to do with the list is to ask myself if I’d trade the x ranked player for the x+1 ranked player all the way down the rankings.

A few things that stuck out for me was how much value Cameron considers Jason Heyward, Gio Gonzalez and Alcides Escobar to have. I was equally perplexed by how underrated Ian Kinsler, Matt Cain and Elvis Andrus were. Feel free to include some of your surprises in the comments below.

Oh, and the number one ranked player was none other than Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels: