The 57 Time All-Star Team

During last night’s New York Yankees game against the Seattle Mariners, 12 of the Yankees 25 players on the active roster made an appearance. Of those twelve, only starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda had never been selected to play in a Major League Baseball All-Star Game. And of the 11 who were, eight had received the honour multiple times. This means that last night’s Yankees team had received a combined 57 All-Star selections.

Derek Jeter – 13 All-Star Games
Curtis Granderson – 3 All-Star Games
Alex Rodriguez – 14 All-Star Games
Robinson Cano – 4 All-Star Games
Mark Teixeira – 2 All-Star Games
Raul Ibanez – 1 All-Star Game
Andruw Jones – 5 All-Star Games
Ichiro (!) Suzuki – 10 All-Star Games
Russell Martin – 3 All-Star Games

Hiroki Kuroda – 0 All-Star Games
David Robertson – 1 All-Star Game
Rafael Soriano – 1 All-Star Game

If C.C. Sabathia had started last night’s game, with the same line up and he was relieved by the same pitchers, not only would the entire game have been played by All-Stars, the lineup and pitchers would’ve combined for 63 All-Star Game selections. If Nick Swisher had pinch hit, the number would’ve gone up to 64. And if Mariano Rivera weren’t out for the season, we might hold out hope that the Yankees would at one point play a game using players with a combined 76 All-Star Game appearances.

With this in mind, let me turn it over to you. Has a team ever played a game before in which every player who made an appearance was an All-Star? And also, can you find a game in which a team has surpassed 57 All-Star selections from the players used? My first couple of attempts were fruitless.

Special thanks to reader Jeff for the idea.