The San Francisco Giants might just be the worst first place team in baseball. Their fans never seem happy with the lineup and yet…there the Giants sit, atop the National League West. Some of the lineup machinations are puzzling indeed, like starting Pablo Sandoval at first base to keep the mighty bat of Joaquin Arias (.246/.290/.330 FWIW) in the batting order over struggling rookie Brandon Belt.

The move backfired in one way last night, as Pablo Sandoval left the Giants game against the San Diego Padres with a left hamstring strain. On the other hand, that crotch-al region died a hero – this is one of the nicest double plays you will ever see, culminating in the perfectly square Sandoval stretching into the full splits to lock up the back end of the twin killing.

The Giants now turn to Brandon Belt because they must, not because they want to. Sandoval awaits a MRI scan and will likely sit for a few days, meaning the man Bochy and friends were determined to keep off the field is now thrust back into the lineup via the magic of attrition.

Time to resurrect the old “Giants Baseball: Torture” meme. This is why they simply cannot have nice things, aside from an incredible pitching staff, beautiful ballpark, the best broadcaster tandem in the league, classic uniforms, dedicated fans, and the 2010 World Series championship.