The Tampa Bay Rays, currently sitting in third place in the American League East, may soon have third baseman Evan Longoria back in their lineup.

Longoria, who has been out since May 1st with a partially torn hamstring, is expected to return to the Rays lineup as the full-time DH. His return to third base will depend on how the hamstring holds up over the remainder of the season.

This season, the three-time All-Star has posted a .329/.433/.561 line with four home runs. In his absence, the Rays have gone 34-39.

The odd man odd when he returns may be infielder Brooks Conrad, who has appeared in 20 games this season for Tampa, hitting .192/..236/.404 with two home runs.

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  1. About time! My fantasy team is suffering some on the offense…had to bring in a part timer called Larry Jones to fill in.

    • Same thing here. Had Plouffe filling in for him but he’s also hurt now, relying on Pedro Alvarez won’t do any good to your AVG…

  2. “odd man odd”?

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