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During the wrap-up of the Getting Blanked show on Tuesday, we (I?) encouraged everyone to tune into the Phillies/Brewers game taking place in Philadelphia. The pitching matchup was as sexy as they get, with Cliff Lee facing off against Zack Greinke.

The Brewers trade target did not disappoint, pitching seven sparkling innings and he even hit a home run! Off Cliff Lee! Lee wasn’t at his best, surrendering four home runs over seven innings.

Even a slightly-off Cliff Lee is a very fun pitcher to watch but this game had more than its share of memorable events to make up for a few errant Lee cutters.

Lee was sharp in the early going against the Brew Crew but ran into trouble in the fifth inning. Milwaukee loaded the bases with the score 1-1 and only one out, when suddenly Lee started gesturing towards Phillies third baseman Ty Wigginton, as Brewers catcher Martin Maldanado fell asleep off of third base. has the video here.

While the pickoff play itself was pretty cool, it was Lee’s re-enactment of the proceedings in the dugout that are the real story here. Lee gives his teammates the instant replay of his silent urging for Wigginton to wake the heck up.

Cliff Lee has his eye on you, homey.

The game, as you can see above, featured another horrific bullpen meltdown by the struggling Brewers. The Phils launched their comeback renewed the faith of Phillies Phans the world over. Whatever.

Most importantly, the antics of the great Philly Phanatic entertained fans young and old! Observe the best mascot in baseball demonstrate his style all over some unsuspecting hot dogs, allowing a young girl in a Ryan Howard to do something Ryan Howard never could: win a foot race.

And the slo-mo reverse angle!

These gifs come courtesy of my friend Dan McQuade, who you should really follow on twitter and read on The Philly Post.