Major League Baseball announced via the twitters today that beautiful AT&T Park in San Francisco will play host to the semi-final and final game of the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Any concerns that San Francisco in March might be a little too cold for outdoor baseball were put to rest when last night’s game time temperature registered a refreshing 62 degrees Fahrenheit. It is always cold along the bay in SF.

A nice reward for the great Giants fans who consistently fill their gorgeous ballpark. But let’s get down to brass tacks here. As an unabashed lover of the WBC, allow me to take this opportunity to update my prospective roster for the American entry into the WBC. What changed since December?

Starters Rotation
C – Joe Mauer
1B – Prince Fielder
2B – Dustin Pedroia
3B – Evan Longoria
SS – Troy Tulowitzki
LF – Josh Hamilton
CF – Mike Trout
RF – Giancarlo Stanton
DH – Ryan Braun


Brian McCann
Ryan Zimmerman
Andrew McCutchen
Ben Zobrist

Justin Verlander
CC Sabathia
Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Stephen Strasburg


Craig Kimbrel
David Roberston
Sean Marshall
Chris Perez
Sean Burnett
Casey Janssen
Jonathan Papelbon

To be truthful, not much. Injuries might keep Tulowitzki and Longoria off the real field but they still get to play on my hypothetical team. David Wright is likely bummed but such is life.

Anyway, this is always a fun exercise. Lots of deserving players—Matt Cain, Matt Kemp, Matt Belisle and other guys not named Matt chief among them—are not on my roster. Are they on yours?

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  1. I can’t imagine Strasburg or Halladay going either. Probably not even Mauer.

  2. McCutch in lineup over Giancarlo

  3. Christ that’s a good-looking team…

    Canada will have C, 1B, 3B and DH covered, and a few pitching spots…

  4. It is tough to leave off guys like Cain, Bumgarner, Holliday, and Kemp, but your team looks about right if everyone was available.

  5. C – Martin
    1B – Votto
    2B – Orr
    3B – Lawrie
    SS – ?
    LF – Bay
    CF – Saunders
    RF – Loewen
    DH – Morneau

    SP – Dempster
    SP – Bedard
    SP – Diamond
    SP – Richmond
    SP – Francis (?)

    RP – Harden
    RP – Axford
    RP – Aumont
    RP – Crain

    This team FTW!

    • LOL at Bay and Loewen… not that “we” really have better options.

    • Would be nice if the team had this kind of talent. Given that Canada has to play in the qualifying round which runs from September 20-24 (and therefore prevents any MLB and potentially high-level MiLB players from attending) it’s entirely possible that Canada doesn’t even make the main tournament.

      Slap clap for genius scheduling.

      • Canada will get lumped with Germany, Great Britian and the Czechs in their qualification group.

        Like, who have those teams got? Anybody? Exactly. Cream puffs. Pushovers I say. Any group of Canadians can easily beat those guys. Right?

        Am I rite or am I rite?

        • You would be right except that due to eligibility rules these teams will be made of American players who couldn’t make the US team but who have a German/British parent. Basically, instead of Canada being clearly better than these teams, as they should be, there is the potential Canada will only be magically better since the top Canadian talent will not be there.

          In baseball, being marginally better means very little in such a short “series”. All it takes is Canada running into one stud American amateur SP who happens to have a British mother and they could be out of the tourney before it starts.

  6. I’m growing impatient. Incredibly bored at work. Refreshing page every 3 seconds hoping for The Getting Blanked Show to be up.

    Put it up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. No Jim Johnson? I’d take him over Perez.

  8. Surely the addition of Mike Trout was worth a few extra rosterbation cranks!

  9. Last I heard Japan might not be participating. What’s the word on that? Worth taking seriously (I imagine not)?

    • No the Japanese Players Association has voted not to participate due to what they feel is extremely low revenue sharing to JPN even though they won the last two tournaments. It is merely a strategic play to help them out. Japan will participate with or without their star players.

    • I have heard the same thing but I’m confident (hopeful?) they will work it out.

  10. I would throw Matt Cain in over Cliff Le
    Take out Casey Janssen and put it Mitchell Boggs
    David Wright, throw Out Ben Zobrist
    Buster Posey over Brian Mcann
    Mark Trumbo over Stanton
    Ian Kinsler take out Dustin Pedroia

    • oh and David Price, not C.C

    • I like Zobrist because he can play multiple positions AND switch hit. Janssen’s reverse splits (great against lefties) are why he is in for me.

      • True about Janssen, Zobrist is a good defensive player, switch hitters are good, but I dont think he has higher then a .260 career avg, Wright is are liability for defense, but his bat off the bench is great. David Price just intrigues me, C.C. is great, but judging by his ERA a lot of his wins happen because of the bats backing him up, not his pitching, where as Price keeps the score lower, and the game in his hands not relying on runs.

        • I think CC has about 20 more k’s then Price over the last 3 years, but Price has a lower ERA, thats what they’ll need

          • CC doesnt lose games because of his ERA either lol, it’s still low, like 3.20 in last 4 years, prices lower then 3, i think that counts

        • Zobrist is patient and has some power to go with his defense. The difference between CC and DP’s ERA is basically nothing right now (CC = 3.13, Price = 3.01), before we consider the difference in their home ballparks and quality of the defense behind them.

        • Gotta love the old ERA argument..

          Price FIP = 3.39 ERA=2.64
          CC FIP = 3.26 – ERA = 3.3

  11. is chris perez and shane victorino going to the giants or not

  12. If it’s in SF i think it’d be a no brainer to put cain and posey, who are already all stars, in the line up. The home field support would be immense.

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