So that was a night, wasn’t it? So much off-field action for the Getting Blanked crew to chew upon. Hanley, Hamels, Wandy, and A-Rod all making news today. Then we pull our second-guessing hats low over our eyes and take pot shots at Donny Baseball and his Dodgers.

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Comments (4)

  1. There was two outs when Don ordered the walk of Descalso. So with two outs, it wasn’t a terrible decision.

  2. Good show today! Killed almost half an hour of boredom.

    But I wish you said Strasburg was pitching this afternoon at the start of the show. Then I would have stopped and started watching that instead. Now I missed Strasmas and 11K

  3. Watched it on Youtube, and after this episode finished, it went to the first episode of the season. Parkes and Andrew looked very different at the start of the season. Parkes needs a haircut now.

  4. When will GM’s learn and stop complaining about the same teams at the top of the standings every year? Theyre the ones trading their stars to those teams, Hanley and Choate in LA, Ichiro in NY, Sanchez and Infante in Det and Youk and Myers in chi town white sox. In each trade, the players going the other way aren’t ones to waste a breath on, Jacob Turner has potential, other than that nothing. You gotta be kidding me, Hanley and Randy couldnt garner more then that?!?!?! Ichiro needs a ring, but I would take that as a slap in the face that’s all Seattle wanted for me. In Miami it doesn’t seem like a rebuild to a ship, it seems like abandoning ship

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