You may not remember, as it is lost in a sea of Batmania and superior filmmaking, but somebody decided to reboot the Spiderman movie franchise earlier this summer. As talented as Emma Stone might be, this moribund tentpole needs a marketing boost.

Might I suggest Josh Reddick as the new Peter Parker? The whole nebbish shutterbug thing is done to death. Hesher baseball stud by day, angsty superhero by night? That is something I’d pay to see. (Please ensure Emma Stone remains in the Mary Jane Watson Gwen Stacy role.)

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  1. Can you please get a GIF of Gose’s absolute hose from RF in the 9th last night?

    It was ridiculous and rivals the best of Josh Reddick.

  2. I was going to go to the game last night but my cousin came into town and we went out for dinner instead. Thank fucking magical sky daddy.

    Still this catch is a thing of absolute beauty.

  3. I like that the announcers mention that he did not need to climb the wall like that, but still a good catch. I prefer this to the sheer confusion over what happened to the ball expressed on the Sportsnet side of things.

  4. A close second goes to the A’s pitcher who did a crotch grab as soon as Snider hit the ball. And was that the Blue Jays home run horn I heard in the background?

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