"Oh, all the money? Yeah, that's mine now."

This week we have Don Mattingly being obvious, Cole Hamels being very, very rich and Mike Trout continuing to be the absolute best.

They’re going way overboard. They’re getting rid of guys and not even saving that much money. And I don’t see much value in the players they’re getting back.

You’ve got to play every night. You can’t go out there and say it doesn’t matter if you lose 120 games. Yes, it does.

No idea who said this, it’s one of those “rival executive” quotes. That being said, it’s pretty bang on. When the long-term plan is acquiring the Franciscos (not getting into analysis of that trade), perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the game plan. Just sayin’.

Well, I mean there’s other guys in the lineup. Obviously, you like your chances better if Matt’s going 8 for 16 with five homers or something, but Matt’s going to have his troubles.

Don Mattingly wins our “obvious quote of the week” award (it exists, I swear) by letting us know that, apparently, it’s easier to win when Matt Kemp is good. Thanks, Don. Glad you’re here.

My hand was pretty bruised up and the umpire asked me if I wanted to call anybody out and I said `No.’ If I had to throw a ball we probably would have been in big trouble but thankfully I didn’t have to.

There’s being tough and there’s being kind of stupid. I’m all for toughness and not wanting to let your team down, JP, but yeesh. Stop hanging out with Brett so much, it’s becoming hazardous to your health.

We had to do something. The machine was sputtering. It’s too good a baseball team and for some reason it didn’t seem to be operating on all cylinders from the beginning of the season.

Oh, Jeffrey Loria. You’re so full of shit it’s almost adorable. How many times can one man overspend, ruin a team (and potentially a city, or at least a neighbourhood) and still continue to have job offers? Sports are weird sometimes.

He was stoic. He understood the move. I told him I wanted him to understand from the Rays that we wanted to do what was best for him and be amiable to what he wanted to do.

Only Joe Maddon could make the release of an aging, shell-of-what-he-once-was baseball player sound poetic. Joe Maddon is a gift bestowed unto us (I tried to sound like Joe Maddon. I failed.)

Losing is one thing. The way that we’re going about it right now is unacceptable. I just think that the way we’re going about our business right now is not the way we did it in the first half.

You see what happens when you lose 11 out of 12 games or whatever. It caught me off guard a little bit but that’s how it goes.

Once in a while when things go bad you start making excuses, and I don’t deal with excuses. I deal with accountability. I deal with standing up and being a man, standing up and being a professional baseball player and playing the game right.

Mets, meet bursting bubble. Bursting bubble, meet the New York Mets.

Words can’t really describe the emotions that you get, and the way the fans were standing and cheering, that was ultimately the deciding point to be here

Also all the money in the world. All the money in the world. Cole Hamels now has all the money in the world. Sorry to repeat myself but it’ll help you remember.

My 11 years here is a long time and I was thinking what I would feel like in my first at-bat. I really didn’t think anything. Nothing came to me. It was just a wonderful day to experience that.

The evil has begun to seep into Ichiro’s brain! He’s lost his ability to feel! I knew this would happen. Damn you, Yankees!

Trout, 20, still lives with his parents in the offseason and last winter finished the basement at their house, adding a ping-pong table and other games to the place where he and his friends can hang out during the winter.

Okay, this is technically from last week but, it really can’t be said enough; god dammit, I love Mike Trout.