Hey! It’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week, complete with all the slips, falls, bros getting hosed, and various other oddities from the past seven days. We lead this week’s instalment with one of the last photos of Wandy Rodriguez in an Astros uniform… which was just screaming “please make me look like I’m saying yip-yip!”.

Here’s the rest of your weekly sampling of pictures that move on constant loop:

Andruw don’t care of the week

Longest double play ever of the week

Don’t run on Reddick of the week

Scioscialism of the week

Man dances alone of the week

Batboy of the week

Mascot awesomeness of the week

He might hit like shit, but he throws like a slingshot of the week

Prado down of the week

Clint Hurdle can chew

The exception of the week

Credits – large dancing man via SportsGrid; Phillie Phanatic via @dhm