Best. Reaction. Ever.

This photographer’s reaction to Ichiro’s 100th career Major League home run, and his very first as a member of the New York Yankees, makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

It starts off with such genuine excitement at the ball going over the fence, and then there’s sudden realization of his duties as a photographer, and then that moment where he balances the one camera and briefly strains his face while bringing the other camera up to capture the moment. It’s all just perfect. I love it.

Thanks to @TheScottLewis for the late night GIF.

Comments (16)

  1. Sometimes comments can still be racist despite efforts not to be. Playing up stereotypes falls into that category for me. You’re funny otherwise, just not this time.

  2. maybe the picture wouldve said the thousand words your description failed to.

  3. It’s like pointing out a racist slur than saying “I didn’t mean it though”. Come on bro, keep it PC

  4. Lighten up and have a laugh fellas?

  5. Stating something is “vaguely racist” is still racist, intention or not. Poor judgment on your part.

  6. Was this post edited – I see nothing racist here….?


  8. As soon as you typed Japanese, people were going to complain

  9. way to be racialist Parkes.

    Great .gif though. I wish my day job had moments like that.

  10. That is awesome and people need to get off their high horses.

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