We’re pitching backwards today as we kick off another week of the Getting Blanked Show with Dustin Parkes taking on hosting duties for the noticeably absent Drew Fairservice. Drew claims he’s spending the day moving, although several anonymous sources place him here. Regardless, the show must go on. Scott Lewis (the esteemed author of this post) stepped in to up the ironed shirt quotient for today’s episode as the crew breaks down a couple of weekend trades (hint: Zack Greinke and Francisco Liriano). We declare a winner in this past weekend’s “guess the Alfredo Aceves photo” edition of Proposition Hate, and we play Switch Hitter with the Marlins’ asking price for Josh Johnson.

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Comments (6)

  1. Now Broadcast in Glorious 360p (Where Available)

  2. I’ve never appreciated Fairservice’s hosting talents until now… even with the lisp

  3. Serviceable host but I can’t see him drawing a crowd

    • I actually couldn’t watch it all the way through. Parkes’ transformation from guy who pretends he doesn’t want to be there into host who presumably should want to be there wasn’t so smooth. I cringed quite a bit. Come back soon Drew.

  4. I do not miss that lisp! Just can’t take it seriously. Parkes needs more practice.
    Would be nice to see Stoeten or Lewis host too! I like the change.

  5. So basically, your listeners/viewers are assholes (based on the comments above). Dustin, nice work filling in.

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