Brad Lincoln Likes Guns

I wonder if Blue Jays fans can remember back to the simpler days when Travis Snider tweeted pictures of steak at all of us. Oh well, I also wonder which member of the coaching staff got the short straw and now has to inform Brad Lincoln, who was acquired in the wee hours of the morning from the Pittsburgh Pirates for Snider, about gun control laws in Canada.

I know this was tweeted back in December, but can you imagine the uproar this would’ve caused if someone other than Lincoln had tweeted this? Imagine Lincoln’s former teammate Andrew McCutchen tweeting a picture of two hand guns on his lap. People would lose their minds.

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  1. Forget that, check out the picture of him hunting:!/Bradlincoln32/media/slideshow?

    I think Colby Rasmus has found a kindred spirit.

    • Is there any chance he isn’t having sex with that turkey?

    • So far, I don’t think anyone’s told Colby that we’re a liberal country. I think he just sees Canadians as some sort of amusing funny-talking northern elves, we just need to keep up that illusion and not let anyone fuck it up by telling Colby that Canada’s actually a left wing country with socialized healthcare.

      Sounds like we might have to do the same thing for ol’ Lincoln Logs here, too. (nickname pending)

      • You’re giving Colby too much credit. I highly doubt he has any concept of political ideology. He just knows he plays baseball, and that’s more than enough for him to grasp right now.


          Re: Does Colby understands what politics are

          And, re: Matt’s “I’d check your assumptions of what Canada is”, not to derail this into a whole Globe&Mail comments section-style shitstorm, but the fact that the most conservative Prime Minister in recent Canadian history would be a moderate-to-liberal Democrat in American terms (the non-partisan site PoliticalCompass has Obama and Harper as about dead-even on their scale) should tell you all you need to know about which country’s left and which one’s right

          • Well the facts are that Canada is growing more conservative and the US is growing more left wing. In both countries there are large variances however. Texas being more right than Alberta for example and Vermont and Oregon being more left than BC for example.

            ITT: Toronto isnt’ an accurate representative of Canada

      • umm, our PM is to the right of the President of the US by a fair wide margin. I’d check your assumptions of what Canada is.

        • Ummm….call me when you see tits on TBS in prime time.

        • Sorry…did you want something a little more mature?

          The United States has the death penalty, bans on gay marriage in most states, something called the NRA, they sing God Bless America at sporting events, chicken restaurants have stances on rights debates, the 1%, sub-prime mortgages, private health care, and whole host of other ridiculously conservative fun time things.

          Don’t you ever….EVER…try to say Canada is more right than the States. That’s insanity.

          INSANITY, SIR.

      • Just an FYI, Canadian gun ownership is HIGHER than that of American per capita.

  2. imagine if he was going to unleash the FURY!

    • Yeah that spell-to-misspell ratio is really going to hurt is come spelling bee time. Good thing we have a great grammar coach. We’ll have him in the library doing reps and work that right out.

  3. I think he meant he was going to release a Furry, a person with a mascot costume fetish who was being held hostage by another, evil Furry. Yes.

  4. Can anyone confirm that his love of guns is limited to, you know, love of guns. It would kill me if the Jays traded the lovable Travis Snider for the relief pitcher version of Luke Scott.

  5. He’s going to hate it here.

  6. “Imagine Lincoln’s former teammate Andrew McCutchen tweeting a picture of two hand guns on his lap. People would lose their minds.”

    Honestly, this is something that has always bugged me about American gun culture. Gilbert Arenas (of the NBA’s Washington Wizards) got ripped for bringing a gun to the lockerroom. Here is a guy who tweets about unleashing the “furry” with two guns on his lap in a car.

    • No, he got ripped for pulling his gun on a team-mate!!

      And as for unleashing “furry”, he made it clear his was going to the gun range. Nothing bad about that. Nothing nefarious. Nothing evil. It’s putting holes in paper. Same thing a bunch of people just got gold medals for in the Olympics.

  7. You make it a race thing, but Andrew McCutchen is a FAR BETTER player than Brad Lincoln. That probably has a little to do with it as well, as he is a much bigger name. Same with Gilbert Arenas, though, it’s one thing to take a picture on Twitter, and another to bring guns to the arena.

    • Also, he clearly mentions going to the firing range. People do that.

      • Ya with their guns in their lap in the car.

        • Being an idiot again I see. Clearly he isn’t driving. In all likelihood they have no bullets in them as well. You have just been thoroughly trained to think ANYTHING about guns is bad. Oh, except it’s OK for the police to have and OK for the government to have. The 2 groups who through history use their weapons to abuse more than any other.

    • What do nice, simple white Americans see on their local news at 6 and 11 every night? Black people shooting each other. In this hypothetical, if it was McCutchen, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few games suspension for that picture. God bless White America.

  8. Brad Lincoln is losing the identity politics already!!!

  9. Wow. I am going to miss LunchBox’s food tweets. Food is so much safer then guns.

  10. Don’t google “Colby Rasmus Hunting.” You might see a gun.

  11. A gun loving furry? Oh dear.

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