Following today’s trade deadline, San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean joined host Chris Gargano and KNBR’s Marty Lurie to discuss the team’s acquisition of Hunter Pence from the Philadelphia Phillies and interact with fans via Twitter as part of a live web stream called SFGLive.

There was no shortage of questions from the Giants faithful, as we see below:

… and this, along with the 135 straight games that they’ve sold out at their ballpark, is what makes San Francisco Giants fans some of the best that sports have to offer.

A promise to answer any question he tweets at me to @baycityball for the screen capture.

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  1. How about you just pack up and move to San Fran so as to make the ball washing a little easier for you. It must be tough work from across the continent.

  2. ahah hilarious

    i feel like toronto fans are just as funny, but rogers would somehow block anything fun and replace it with questions about hear and hustle

  3. I take offense! I am filled with humor! Black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood!


  4. I was watching these tweets happen in real time and DYING. Giants fans the best. Glad I fell into this fandom.

  5. That’s weird, because whenever I go to AT&T Park, I just see bros, soccer moms, and people on iPads. Great fanbase bruh.

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