Today is a day for trades and transactions. Teams looking to solidify their lineups for playoff pushes and/or solidify their financial situations for the future.

But the games roll on. While the general managers are working the phones in pursuit of the best deal they can muster, their teams keep playing. Runs are scored, bases are stolen, and — occasionally — hopes are dashed.

Robbie Ross of the Rangers seems like an excitable young man. Last night, the left-handed long man in the Rangers pen was put into a tough situation: he needed to snuff out an Angels rally while the game was still close.

The struggles of Rangers starter Roy Oswalt resulted in Ross entering the game in the sixth inning with two runners on base and his team down 5-3. Ross promptly gave up back to back singles, plating three more runs. After a strikeout and intentional walk loaded the bases, Ross faced Kendrys Morales. It didn’t end well.

Morales drove a ball just over the fence in right-center field for a grand slam, the switch-hitter’s second home run of the inning (one from each side of the plate!) Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is notorious for the jet stream to right-center field, boosting the stats of many left-handed batters and breaking the spirits of countless pitchers.

In the above video, watch the reaction of Ross just after Morales makes contact. Robbie Ross points to the baseball, one destined for the bullpen in right-field. Robbie Ross is here to help.

Poor, poor Robbie Ross. The magic of gifs allows us a window into his tortured soul. Watch Robbie Ross go from fielding position to “THERE IT IS GUYS, GO CATCH IT! IT IS A CAN OF CORN TO SHALLOW RIGHT….oh” in a few terrible frames.

Robbie Ross just wanted his rough inning to end. He wanted to keep his team within shouting distance of their division rivals. He wanted Nelson Cruz to catch the ball. None of which actually happened. Ross instead surrendered a cheap grand slam and received some undeserved scorn from some blogger in Canada.

But, I mean, come on, look how cute! The little hop and turn? Adorbs! Robbie sees teh ballz, guys! Poor, poor grown man named Robbie.