Major League Baseball suspended Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco three games for bumping umpire Chad Fairchild in Monday’s game against the Padres.

Mesoraco didn’t necessarily go all “Brett Lawrie like” on Fairchild, but was ejected in the game for poking him in the chest protector. It all started in the top of the third inning when he felt Fairchild wasn’t calling strikes. Luckily, Dusty Baker got out there in time to stop things from getting out of hand.

The former first round pick by the Reds in the 2007 draft plans to appeal the suspension. On the season Mesoraco has posted a .221/.299/.379 line with five home runs.

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    That looks like a truly awful strike zone from the umpire (at least relative to what other umpires call). Funnily enough, it looks like it was even worse for San Diego

  2. What a joke, clearly talking with his hands and the ump walks right into his space. Incedental contact that umps must love so that they can force the arguement to one where the player is in the wrong.

    • Arguing balls & strikes is an ejectionable offence anyway. He got more rope than Weiters did earlier this year in Toronto.

      • True, I’m assuming the balls and striked led to the ejection while the ‘touch’ led to the 3 game suspension. I’d liek to see it get overturned but due to precident it will not.

        • Was it the ‘touch’ that got him suspended or the contact at 0:35 of the video that got him suspended? I’d gather it was the latter, as you coould construe that the contact in that case was “intentional,” if you feel that you’re mind-reading abilities are suitable to judging intent.

          The ump’s reaction to the initial contact is what bothers me. The player is emphatically speaking with his hands, and you’re going to hijack the conversation into “Don’t touch me. You can’t touch me. Get him out of here for touching me!”? Sad.

          • the contact at 0:35 was lost on me after the first viewing as I kept watching the replay at 1:24 multiple times trying to decide why the umpire got so upset. That was what bothered me too

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