The Colorado Rockies are very quietly one of the worst teams in baseball. The Rockies and their bizarre four man rotation are only two games ahead of the bottom-dwelling Astros in the win department. With franchise cornerstone Troy Tulowitzki on the shelf with shoulder groin! injury, the Rockies are simply bad.

They’ve been bad for some time, winning just 73 games in 2011. The lose of Tulowitkzi for the balance of the year (Tulo has just 200 PAs in 2012) hurts a team already thin on talent. The ownership in Colorado took notice of the Rockies current struggles and relative lack of recent success and decided to make some changes, re-organizing their front office, basically demoting general manager Dan O’Dowd, allowing assistant GM Bill Geivett to oversee operation of the club moving forward.

The long-serving O’Dowd gets to keep his GM title but his duties are now very different. Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports O’Dowd will now “focusing more on the minor leagues and player development” while assistant GM Geivett receives expanded day-to-day responsibilities with the big league club.

Renck goes on to note that O’Dowd is one of the most tenured GMs in baseball, taking over as General Manager in 1999. Two playoff berths and a World Series visit (a loss) on his CV certainly buys a lot of time. Does this suggest O’Dowd received some clemency from ownership, a gentle brushing aside rather than the indignity of a proper “sacking?”

The whole thing is very…interesting. Both O’Dowd and Geivett have scouting backgrounds but it is the sitting GM who gets to focus on development. Whether this is a move for the short-term remains to be seen. Do no be surprised if more changes follow when at season’s end.