Jose Canseco’s twitter feed is something of a must-follow if you are into nonsense and non-sequiturs and the uneasy arrogance of watching lacking self-awareness meltdown in real time. The good people at Vice Magazine decided that this man is page view gold and gave the first 40-40 man in baseball history a column of his very own “Jose Can Say So”.

Not to write about sports, of course. To write about being Jose Canseco – a full time job in its own right. While some might doubt Jose Canseco actually penned the pro-gun screed that serves as the first entry under his byline, I have it on good authority it did come from the “pen” of Jose. Which is more than a little terrifying but pretty par for the Canseco course. Read at your own peril.

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  1. Lack of self-awareness is an understatement with that guy. That piece was strangely entertaining though.

  2. Can’t believe Jose agrees with guns. Yikes, you know what I mean?

    –Oshawa Ollie

  3. The diction of a five year old, the self awareness of a just dumped 25 year old girl and the mental capacity of a geranium, all packed into one steroid built, muscle bound moron.

    And now he has a column.

    The apocalypse is surely near.

  4. I’m sure a bunch of civilians firing automatic weapons in a closed space is going to turn out well. Probably end up with twice as many dead people.

    • especially considering he was wearing body armour. ah well… maybe if Jose Canseco advocates for the people who think 3 year-olds should pack pistols in their overalls, the rest of the world will recognize how crazy they truly are.

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