An umpire gets drilled with a backswing, a 55-foot fastball, a behind the back catch, and ninjas… it’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week. We lead this instalment with a second-run of Curtis Granderson eating a Freezee because Curtis Granderson eating a Freezee is one of the greatest things we’ve ever witnessed. A couple of these GIFs are rather large, so apologies in advance for the destruction your browser will meet today.

Here’s the rest of the GIFs that have kept us entertained over the past seven days.

The “you talkin’ to me?” of the week

Valdespin gets Blanco’d

Photo op of the week

Cliff Lee stole second base, is the best

Backswing of the week

Power shag of the week

Matt Cain shows off a new pitch

Balk of the week

Throw of the week

Sleight of hat of the week

The Exception of the week