With word breaking this afternoon that a #MysteryTeam has claimed Cliff Lee off of waivers, I’d like to remind you of not only this helpful guide to the ins and outs of trade waiver claims, but also that a player with no trade rights can still force his team to revoke a claim┬ámade while he’s on trade waivers if ┬áhis no trade rights would regularly allow him to block a deal to the claiming club.

For instance, Cliff Lee has a no trade clause in his contract with the Philadelphia Phillies that precludes a trade without his permission to twenty-one different teams. He can still force the Phillies to pull him back if one of those twenty-one teams win their waiver claim of him.

Confused? Good. That’s the way baseball intended it.

Update: According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who earlier acquired Joe Blanton from the Phillies, have also been awarded claiming rights on Cliff Lee. We’ll wait to see if the two clubs can manage to make a trade.