This has been making the rounds today, and considering our great collective affection for Los Angeles Dodgers play-by-play broadcaster Vin Scully, we’d be remiss not to post it as well.

In the above video, a contested play is overturned on the field, sending Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy into hysterics. Around the 3:00 mark, Scully begins lip reading the manager’s protest of the changed call, but is forced to censor it as only he could after Tracy begins uttering nothing but obscenities at the umpire.

Comments (5)

  1. “Jim’s gone, so he’s spending house money now…”


  2. is #blinkingfertilizer trending?

  3. Great point on how video replay would speed this up, get the call right, and keep the manager in the game.

  4. Missed opportunity to say ‘are you fertilizing me?’, but apart from that, outstanding.

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