What Bryce Harper has lacked at the plate in the weeks following this year’s All-Star Game, the teenage rookie has more than made up for in swagger footwear. The latest in specialty cleats sported by Harper since he laced up golden shit-kickers at the Mid-Summer Classic was revealed last night in Houston.

You can’t tell because they’re camouflaged, but the cleats are actually high tops, and were produced exclusively for the Washington Nationals outfielder by Under Armour. Let’s hope they help him to bounce back this month after a disappointing July.

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  1. The CompFit construction has been tested out the last few years in football cleats. They are using Harper as the “face” of the design for their new baseball cleat line. It’s a very innovative cleat from a design and comfort stand point. The ankle support and tongue of the shoe is so light weight you can’t even feel it on your foot.

  2. I know they look weird but they could be the future of ankle support. Of course they could just fade away after a couple of years as well.

  3. Photoshop at its best!

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