Control the white tailed and or reined-deer/moose/hooved creature population. And tweet some as well, I guess.


Rookie jitters? When you look down at your iPad and begin to craft a tweet for the masses, imagine you’re staring down an unsuspecting creature through the scope on your high-powered rifle. The feeling of Zen that comes over you will allow you to create banal hashtags and retweet birthday requests from idiots to your heart’s delight.

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  1. He’s set the bar high for profile pictures and first tweets.

    Can’t wait to see AJ Burnett respond.

  2. Fucking prick if he killed that, leave ‘em alone.

  3. Fuck what’s with baseball players and hunting. It’s one thing to kill a deer for food but for some reason I don’t think that’s the reason that poor deer is dead.

    • and the reason?!?!? Fuck your a dumb ass. And by the way….its a fucking mule deer.

      • haha “your a dumbass”

        • Yup, pretty perfect – someone who failed kindergarten grammar is calling someone else a dumb ass.

          Okay everyone, here’s the lesson for the day:
          your – a possessive form of “you” as an attributive adjective. For example, “I hate your mangled sentences.”
          you’re – You are. For example, “I disagree with you, therefore you’re a dumb ass.”
          Ur – was an important Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia located at the site of modern Tell el-Muqayyar in Iraq’s Dhi Qar Governorate

          Drew – “retweet birthday requests from idiots to your heart’s delight” – thank you for mentioning this. The only thing worse than asking a celebrity to retweet you or to wish them a happy birthday is when said celebrity actually does it.

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