My heart goes out to the kid in the camouflaged Pittsburgh Pirates shirsey beside his younger and luckier brother, adorned in a black Pittsburgh Pirates shirsey and gold chain who won himself a foul ball this afternoon. No, it’s not because he missed out on the souvenir, or even that he’ll have to tolerate his younger brother telling the same story over and over again on the way home from the ballpark today. It’s for other, more deeply resonating reasons he receives my pity.

Look at the kid, as he adjusts his hat. Look at the expression on his face. It’s a wistful mix of misery and revelation. He just became painfully aware that the only significance the remainder of his life will encounter is to be found solely in his role as a supporting character in his brother’s life. His brother, at four or five years old, has already achieved a level of contentment with the world that he will never have.

Life will be incredibly easy for this younger sibling. And that ease with which he encounters positive experiences throughout his existence will only further burden his older brother, whose inescapable jealousy will heap misery on his days. Sadly, one brother has been chosen by fate to be a winner. The other has been chosen to be made aware of this inequality.

Something happened to this pair today. Fate made its presence known, and fate dictates that the younger brother will be the star of his own life, and the older brother is to be but a supporting player in that drama.