The following facts, which veer toward irony when combined, are seldom lost on the people of Toronto who attend baseball games at Rogers Centre with anything approaching regularity.

  • The Toronto Blue Jays are owned by Rogers Communications.
  • Rogers Communications is one of the largest communications companies in Canada.
  • Rogers Communications specializes in providing wireless communications and internet service.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays play at Rogers Centre, a baseball stadium owned by Rogers Communications.
  • Rogers Centre has terrible wireless coverage and absolutely no public Wi-Fi access whatsoever, often forcing baseball fans to tie metal pie plates to the signal receiver on their telephones just to inform loved ones that the game is going into extra innings, and they’ll be late coming home.

So, it’s not entirely surprsing to learn that the people working at Rogers Center as part of the operations of the baseball team, might also be without access to the national cable sports channel that Rogers owns and operates.

Sportsnet ONE, which airs the Blue Jays baseball games that would normally be shown on its cast of regional sports networks, provides such coverage during special television events, such as the Olympics, junior hockey tournaments, curling and the annual Maple Syrup Drink Off/Lumberjack Log Driving Tournament Of Champions which air on the more-widely seen regional networks. With coverage of the Summer Olympics in London slumping toward the finish line, baseball has been relegated to the national network which, without coincidence, is a premium channel in Toronto that’s provided by, you guessed it, Rogers Cable.

So, to recap: Rogers Sportsnet ONE, a premium Rogers cable channel, is unavailable to Rogers employees working at the Rogers Centre, while Rogers Baseball Operations battle the Tampa Bay Rays.