The following facts, which veer toward irony when combined, are seldom lost on the people of Toronto who attend baseball games at Rogers Centre with anything approaching regularity.

  • The Toronto Blue Jays are owned by Rogers Communications.
  • Rogers Communications is one of the largest communications companies in Canada.
  • Rogers Communications specializes in providing wireless communications and internet service.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays play at Rogers Centre, a baseball stadium owned by Rogers Communications.
  • Rogers Centre has terrible wireless coverage and absolutely no public Wi-Fi access whatsoever, often forcing baseball fans to tie metal pie plates to the signal receiver on their telephones just to inform loved ones that the game is going into extra innings, and they’ll be late coming home.

So, it’s not entirely surprsing to learn that the people working at Rogers Center as part of the operations of the baseball team, might also be without access to the national cable sports channel that Rogers owns and operates.

Sportsnet ONE, which airs the Blue Jays baseball games that would normally be shown on its cast of regional sports networks, provides such coverage during special television events, such as the Olympics, junior hockey tournaments, curling and the annual Maple Syrup Drink Off/Lumberjack Log Driving Tournament Of Champions which air on the more-widely seen regional networks. With coverage of the Summer Olympics in London slumping toward the finish line, baseball has been relegated to the national network which, without coincidence, is a premium channel in Toronto that’s provided by, you guessed it, Rogers Cable.

So, to recap: Rogers Sportsnet ONE, a premium Rogers cable channel, is unavailable to Rogers employees working at the Rogers Centre, while Rogers Baseball Operations battle the Tampa Bay Rays.

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  1. REPORT: Have you seen what we air on that station? Nobody fucking watches Sportsnet One.

  2. Does this mean they don’t play the game on any of the TV’s in the vending areas either? That would be worse than employees not being able to watch while at work…

  3. Correction: Jay Austin USED to work for the Blue Jays.

  4. Uh I’ve been to games which were broadcast on SN1 and all the concourse TVs were working fine? I”m pretty sure as well if Alex is at the office and wants to watch the game he doesn’t have to leave. Can we get more of a breakdown on just what this dude does?

    • THis dude will be standing in line at the employment office tomorrow

    • ughh…did you not read the reply parkes made like one comment up…the TV’s at the dome are closed circuit…it’s not sportsnet. Dome Productions would be what you’re watching on the TVs at the dome, including what you see on the jumbotron

  5. Expect anything less from Rogers?

    Interesting read

  6. At some point you just have to question that company’s collective intelligence.

    Btw HSBC has public wifi

  7. Added to which, the Rogers Centre is the closest building in the world to the world’s biggest radio/cell signal antenna, used to relaying tv, cell and radio signals to the GTA. Not getting a signal there is kind of an achievement. A testament to the architect’s “fall-out shelter-cum-toilet-bowl” chic.

  8. There’s actual quality beer brewed across the street, yet we’re forced to consume Bud Light Piss, Bud Light Lime Piss, and various other canned Piss products in its place. Go figure.

    • steamwhistle sucks but yes it’s better than bud light

    • Forget Steam Whistle, how about some much superior Mill Street products!?

    • Sapporo, Stella, Rolling Rock, Keiths. The beer question was addressed in the off season. There’s still lots of room for improvement, but the situation is no longer as bleak as you make it out to be.

      • they have sleeman now too, which is from guelph, so, a little closer to home…but i would still enjoy drinking a cold steamwhistle at the dome

        i also agree with CdnBeerMaven…mill street should be available

        • Oddest thing about Sleeman Brewery is that the family has all but ignored their deep connection to the game of baseball in Canada. George Sleeman, the founder of the company, pitched for the Guelph Maple Leafs in the 1860s. He later bought the team and became the first Canadian manager to import American players. He then lead the Leafs to what can be considered a kind of precursor to the World Series in 1874. The story makes their prohibition ad campaign weak in comparison.

  9. Complaining about Sportsnet 1 has become a sport unto itself.

    • I should add:

      I’ve never had to request this “premium” sports channel, I don’t pay for extra “premium” sports channels in my current cable package and my rates have not increased as a result of SN1 being added.

  10. You think that’s absurd, how about Grey Cup 2007, when over 55,000 tickets were sold, and Rogers staffed the Dome for a typical Jays crowd of 13,000 (which means about 5,000 would actually attend). There was one – ONE – beer station open on the 500 level, staffed by one – ONE – person. TWO hours to get a beer. Those idiots left about $5 million in beer sales on the table that day. Typical Rogers.

  11. Rogers are true idiots. I have had persistent problems with their cable and internet service at my house. One of their techs came the other day and attributed it to the rain. Rain! This fucking summer! What a total bunch of fuck tards.

  12. Is it the case that if you enter as your website, you get the special yellow highlight treatment. Just seeing.

  13. The 200-level VIP has wifi which my phone can pick up on 100 usually. 90% sure the password is “toronto.”

  14. I can’t even explain the frustration I feel not being able to get a signal while trying to call the number to play the Blue Jays trivia before the game starts in the dome! It’s ludicrous!!! And don’t even get me started on that sad Canada Day game, when they rolled out some lame-ass red and white blow up dolls onto the field (half of them didn’t even work). It’s embarrassing! Fan experience at the Rogers Centre is awful these days and it’s a real shame that they aren’t capitalizing on the surge in interest in the team this year.

  15. I don’t think Jay Austin knows what he’s talking about.

    SN1 is on free preview from Rogers. Assuming he’s at work and watching a TV that gets Rogers cable service, and the TV is using a digital cable box then he’s either: 1) a liar or 2) doesn’t know where on the dial to find SN1.

    From Rogers Website:\

    Sportsnet One
    Digital Channel 99, 394 (SD)
    Digital Channel 395, 501, 584 (HD)

    Preview Starts: Tuesday, May 8, 2012
    Preview Ends: Tuesday, January 1, 2013

  16. There actually is free wireless available at Rogers Centre. You can leach it off the sky boxes and it runs beautifully. It’s just that nobody knows the password.

  17. Stephen Harper’s to blame for the bad cell and wi-fi service! Vote Obama!

  18. I work there too and we do get SN1, this idiot just didn’t know where to find it. Channel 58 loser.
    Way to write a post based on a misinformed tweet Parkes, you’re a peach.
    You’re right about mobile service and wifi tho.

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