The Los Angeles Angels are having a good season, the same can’t be said for catcher Bobby Wilson, who like former back up of years past, Jeff Mathis, just can’t hit.

On the season Wilson has posted a .228/.293/.302 line with just two home runs in 60 games behind the plate. He wasn’t supposed to see this much action, but an injury to starter Chris Iannetta pressed Wilson into duty more often than expected. A ton of pressure comes daily for most players around the league, but apparently his exposure to Angels fans on a everyday basis was too much for the career .215 hitter.

Wilson, who has returned to the backup role, was tired of all the criticism he’s taken on twitter, so, he deleted his account. ”I’m done with twitter. Try to be a fan friendly and all I get is criticism. I wasn’t blessed with 5 tools. I worked hard to get here”

Again, Bobby Wilson wasn’t supposed to play as much as he has this season, but the Angels did make the decision to have him on the roster over Jeff Mathis this season. Remember, Mathis posted a 2010 line of .195/.219/.278 and a 2011 line of .174/.225/.259 for the Angels.